Having a safe place to live

​​​​​​​Paraparaumu College requires international students to have a safe place to live, with a responsible adult who will provide the necessary care and support to enable the student to settle successfully into a new culture and educational system. 

All international students must live in accommodation approved by the College. They have the choice of living with a homestay family, their own parents if they accompany them to New Zealand, or living with a caregiver nominated by the student’s family.   The Ministry of Education Code of Practice states that international students at secondary school cannot live independently, or in a boarding hostel, even if they are 18. 

Paraparaumu College highly recommends homestay accommodation and believes a student's safety and well-being is paramount.  We have lovely families waiting to host and care for students. All homestay homes have been visited by our dedicated international team and assessed for their suitability as hosts. All adult residents of a homestay house have been police vetted.

Accommodation Options

Students may live with one of the following:

  • With a family member or close family friend known to the student’s parents. This person is called a designated caregiver.

  • Their mother or father, who may apply for a Guardian Visa

  • In a school-approved homestay.

Designated Caregiver (DCG)



Homestay Family Selection


Become a host family

Hosting an international student is a great way to bring other cultures into your home.  Not only will you teach a young person about life in New Zealand, you’ll also make lifelong friendships.  The international staff support homestay families and students to promote a happy positive relationship.

Our host families come in all shapes and sizes. If you can provide a “home away from home”, please contact us - we’d love to talk to you.

Homestay Frequently Asked Questions

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