A neurodiverse friendly college​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​At Paraparaumu College we recognise the importance of catering for our incredible diverse learning community. Our approach to meeting the needs of our learners is based on the three principles of Recognition, Understanding and Action.

A school support team monitors learning and achievement then targets interventions and support. 

We recognise that all students are neurodiverse and learn in different ways. Therefore we focus on inclusion and enabling students with diverse skills to work together. Our belief is that success is built on developing self esteem and empowering individuals to achieve in a collaborative environment.




English as a second official language (ESOL)

ESOL is for students whose first language is not English.  This course has specialised instruction to help students learn new vocabulary and become more confident in English.  

Supported Learning

Our Supported Learning Centre is for students who need on-going supported learning in one or more subject areas, customised programmes and a team of teacher aides.  Our centre has great facilities, two classroom spaces, quiet areas, adapted toilet area, kitchen, fenced courtyard and computers.  Students are supported in this environment and in classes in the school, focussing on gaining academic qualifications in NCEA Level 1 and the National Certificate in Work and Community Skills to assist them in their transition after College. Specialist staff work in the centre to provide a vibrant and essential environment. 

Learning Centre

This is a place where selected students can have extra support in all sorts of identified areas of need. Students utilise the learning centre for independent or supervised study, specific subject help, or to complete tests, correspondence work, assessments and assignments. 

Student Comments